Online sale of gates in gathering kits

The automazioni Rimini Company chooses the best components of Italian manufacturing to create legitimate do-it-yourself assembly kits. Each kit provided is complete with all the attributes necessary for the automation assembly and is accompanied by clear assembly instructions with drawings and diagrams. The help support is at your disposal if there be some doubts about the assembly or development of the kit supplied. Gates in the assembly kit provide all of the elements for gates in gathering kits, both of the sliding type and with leaves or folding.

Purchase the kit DO-IT-YOURSELF to automate gates, gates, barriers, and lifts-chain. It means saving money without sacrificing the least to the top quality and safety. You’ll find complete kits for automatic gates in the online store, whether they are folding or with doors or sliding and powered in 24Vdc or 230Vac. Also available are automation kits such as overhead doors and complete kits for chain-raising and barrier-raising systems, perfect as a method to safeguard your premises or parking area.

Parking management systems are also available for up to 64 parking spaces, With this cancelli automatici rimini, it’s possible to manage users’ entrance and exit to the parking space so that each user may access the parking place with no more than 1 car, blocking another access attempt using the exact same remote controller, This parking management is perfect in car parks where each user is assigned only 1 parking area (company car parks, resort car parks, etc) The automation is supplied already programmed, it’s just required to link one of the two columns into the power line, The second column could be powered with a unique cable that connects the two columns to be laid under the floor guide.

The electronic control unit controls and prevents the chain from hitting or lifting some obstacles. The digital control unit also stands out because of its very low intake (only 30 mA) in standby way to significantly lower the consumption of electricity; combined with the battery (optional), it allows the automation to function for many hours even in the event of a blackout. Order your chain lifter automation from automazioni Rimini.

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