Washroom Refurbishment

With over 40 decades of expertise, BrookhouseUK designed and motivated several spaces in London and the neighboring cities, changing the surroundings of tens of thousands of people daily. Washroom Refurbishment is what BrookhouseUK Company does for over 40 decades of knowledge and many completed washrooms. We don’t just understand the science behind the support but also know the need. We have a vibrant range of case studies concerning our toilet refurbishment.

We specialize in warm water and energy-saving gear for your construction that contributes to a reduced payback period and confidence in the knowledge that you are making your contribution to the well-being of the planet. If required, we can incorporate systems that completely isolate the supply water to the washrooms of zero activity to decrease the chance of flood and safeguard your Washroom facilities. We can achieve exciting and innovative ideas for your toilet while keeping a close watch on the aspect of finances to realize your vision through budgeting and project control.

We are able to recommend regulations and plan and apply these, where possible, into the style of your college washrooms with handicapped toilet provision, cubicles, and washroom quantity ratios, BrookhouseUK Washroom Refurb has previously undertaken other work features like wide volume flooring, internal entrance doorways, and glazing work, Besides, we also do construction works like new doorways, demolition of walls and the installation of steel beams, etc..

Merchandise awareness and experience in bath fit-out made us comprehensible leaders in the industry. It is because we can bring in deep and background knowledge to ease our customers accomplishes the necessary level of finish and design.Our Full-Height Cubicles, Designer Sanitaryware, Natural Stone and strong Surface Vanities, Tiling, Glass Duct Systems, and many more high-quality appliances combine to create prestigious washrooms. The only real concern about what you could do to your toilets is budget.

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